Damp Proof Course

Diagnose rising damp and rectify

Our fully qualified damp surveyors are able to diagnose Rising Damp in properties by use of a Protimeter Moisture Meter.  If damp is found in a property due to the absence or failure of a damp proof course, then Liquatek are able to rectify the problem with the installation of a new chemical damp proof course and the application of new renders.

Once the existing renders are hacked off and walls and wall/floor junctions are prepared, horizontal and vertical holes are drilled into masonry/walls.  The holes are then injected with low hazard damp proof course chemicals (unique silicone emulsion cream), by hand pressure only from a displacement pump and injector lance.  From here the cream migrates rapidly into the masonry pores where it reverts to a liquid phase and polysiloxanes are formed in-situ.

During the curing period, a low molecular-weight silane vapour is also produced giving excellent migration through the wall.

Following the new damp proof course installation, sand & cement render incorporating a waterproof additive are applied on a 3-coat specification to earth retaining walls and 2 coat sand & cement waterproof renders to non-earth retaining walls with a set coat finish.

Liquatek operatives are fully trained and qualified in the installation of Chemical Damp Proof Course.  Preparatory works and reinstatements are also carried out by Liquatek operatives.  Our own in-house plasterers carry out all rendering works.

For all Damp Proofing Work, we are able to offer 20-year Company Guarantees, which can be Insurance Backed by Specialist Building Guarantees Ltd (SBG) Only companies vetted by SBG for technical competence and financial stability are able to offer these insurance backed guarantees.

“Liquatek converted our unused old understreet coal vaults into a storage archive. With floor space being at a premium in London, this has released valuable office space. We were delighted with the quality of the work carried out and how efficiently they managed the job – on time, on budget!”

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