Dry Rot Control & Timber Infestation


Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) is a Wood-Destroying Fungus that must be diagnosed and eradicated – it puts property at serious risk if left undetected  and untreated.



Eradication of Dry Rot by Liquatek

Once Dry Rot has been diagnosed it is imperative that the outbreak is eradicated.

All timbers should be inspected and tested to determine the extent of the infection.  Plasterwork adjacent should also be inspected for signs of decay of fungal strands/mycelium.

It is CRUCIAL that the source of dampness causing the decay is found and rectified and other vulnerable areas within the property should be identified.Dry Rot concealed in a box window frame - St Martins Lane - Windows 009

Liquatek surveyors can identify and provide a solution for Dry Rot outbreaks.  Our fully qualified preservation technicians in turn carry out specialist treatment works as specified by our surveyors to eradicate the dry rot, which can include the removal of decayed timbers, the injection of remaining timber using a Dual Purpose Fungicide and Insecticide Fluid, and the sterilisation of the masonry using a Fungicidal Wall Solution to isolate the outbreak of dry rot by imposing a cordon sanitaire (peripheral irrigation).  Reinstatement works are then carried out to strict Building Regulations specifications and any replacement timbers are pre-treated.  Following works, it is essential that the property is kept in good order and is maintained in a dry state.

Wood Worm Infestations

Liquatek are also able to treat timber infestation by wood-boring insects, known commonly as Wood Worm, the most frequently seen being the Common Furniture Beetle – Anobium punctatum.  Wood worm infestations can cause severe structural problems in timber framed buildings.  It is therefore imperative, as in Dry Rot cases, that the infestation is diagnosed correctly and dealt with as soon as possible.

Our qualified timber infestation surveyors are able to establish the type of insect infetsation, the extent of the infestation and how much damage has been caused to the timbers.  They can then devise the necessary specification and course of work to eradicate the problem.  Our own in-house specialist operatives can treat the infestation and all associated opening up and making good works are also taken care of by our operatives.