Structural Waterproofing

Basements – Vaults – Cellars – Transform these rooms into dry habitable, usable space.

Converting damp cellars, basements and other spaces below ground level into dry rooms can be a cost effective and highly rewarding way of extending a home or utilising space within an existing property.

Liquatek Ltd specialise in the provision of waterproofing systems that are installed to upgrade existing basement rooms, waterproof new buildings or convert damp, unused spaces below ground into dry habitable rooms.   We have worked on lots of residential properties where basements and cellars have been converted to provide additional living space, in turn adding value to homes.  We also specialise in commercial properties in London where we have worked on numerous vaults.Borough Market, Montague Close, SE1 009

Structural waterproofing below ground is a highly specialised operation and must be undertaken by contractors and designers who have the requisite levels of skill, understanding and experience. Failures resulting from inadequate specifications or poor workmanship can be very costly. Being specialists in structural waterproofing, Liquatek are able to work with our clients to design suitable waterproofing solutions.  Our surveyors have gained the C.S.S.W. qualification (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) and have years of experience in the design and implementation of waterproofing systems.

Waterproofing in existing underground structures can DSC00207be undertaken using a choice of waterproofing systems, also known as ‘Tanking’, depending on the specific requirements of the property.  One option is installing a Cavity Drain Membrane system, the membranes direct any water entering the structure into drainage channels, the channels then allow water to be directed to sump/pumps or drains so that it can be removed safely from the building.  A second option is the application of cementitious multi coat renders, this form of waterproofing provides an unbroken barrier to water.

Liquatek offer 10 year Company Guarantees for all Waterproofing Work, which can be Insurance Backed by the Guarantee Protection Insurance Company (G.P.I.). (link)  Only approved Property Care Association (link) Members are able to offer these insurances.