General Building Maintenance

Maintain Your Property – Prevent High Repair Costs


Liquatek are able to carry out all aspects of Building Maintenance Work which includes:  general external building repairs to roofs and structures;  new flat roof installation;  bird proofing systems;  internal repairs;  window repairs and replacement;  internal and external decorations.DSC00213

We also offer a Building Maintenance Package to High Street Retailers and Commercial Companies, providing an annual service of ‘PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE’, aiming to keep properties watertight and thus possibly preventing high repair costs due to property neglect.

Our aim is to visit and inspect properties on a regular basis, or when requested, for their general wind and water-tightness and carry out any necessary preventative measures against hidden deterioration of the inner parts of the building’s fabric.

The course of works on a preventative maintenance site visit would include:

Gain access by ladder where possible, to roofs, valley gutters and rainwater pipes & gutters, clean out all debris, rod through and leave free flowing. Range over flat roofs, check all flashing details, clean away moss growth and debris.
Provide general report on conditions of roofs, with photographs if required. Provide recommendations and costs of any emergency works, with photographs.

For a Preventative Maintenance Package Liquatek charge an annual fee per visit which is agreed with the client and varies subject to the number of properties required, size of properties etc.  Further Recommendations & Quotations are subsequently provided if maintenance work is found to be necessary.

If a Maintenance Contract is secured then Liquatek are also available on a call-out basis for emergency maintenace work.