Green Roofs


A green roof is a roof  that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.  It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems. A green roof is often a key component of an autonomous building.IMG_3453

Liquatek are now able to offer the design and installation of green roofs in conjunction with BAUDER, a leading manufacturer and supplier of flat and green roofing materials.   Liquatek became Bauder Approved Contractors in 2008 and all green roof projects are monitored by Bauder Technical Managers and Site Technicians.

Being Bauder approved means we are not only able to offer our own Company Guarantees but also a comprehensive range of warranties from Bauder to compliment our green roof installations, varying dependant upon the specification of the build-up from structural deck through the waterproofing and vegetation, which can extend up to 20 years and cover both materials and workmanship.

Green roofs are used to:

  • Reduce heating (by adding mass and thermal resistance value) and cooling (by evaporative cooling) loads on a building — especially if it is glassed in so as to act as a terrarium and passive solar heat reservoir — a concentration of green roofs in an urban area can even reduce the city’s average temperatures during the summer
  • Increase roof life span
  • Grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Reduce stormwater run off .
  • Filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air.
  • The soil and plants on green roofs help to insulate a building for sound; the soil helps to block lower frequencies and the plants block higher frequencies.
  • Filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater
  • Increase wildlife habitat in built-up areas.     IMG_3603IMG_3606